Alcohol makes more damaging to brain health than marijuana

Alcohol makes more damaging to brain health than marijuana

With marijuana legalisation on the increase, Associate in Nursing increasing range of studies square measure exploring the drug’s potential harms and edges. However, a brand new study suggests that once it involves brain health, alcohol is a lot of damaging.
The human brain and a glass of hard drink
Researchers say that alcohol causes a lot of harm to the brain than marijuana will.

Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder conducted a review of existing imaging knowledge that checked out the consequences of alcohol and marijuana, or cannabis, on the brain.

Their findings coupled alcohol consumption with long changes to the structure of substantia alba and grey matter within the brain.

The use of marijuana, however, looked as if it would don’t have any important long effects on brain structure.

Study leader Rachel Thayer, of the Department of psychological science and neurobiology at the University of Colorado Boulder, and colleagues recently according their leads to the journal Addiction.

It is calculable that around twenty two.2 million individuals within the us have used marijuana within the past month, creating it “the most typically used illicit drug” within the country.

Across the U.S., however, it’s more and more changing into legalized for each healthful and recreational functions. As a results of this dynamical legislation, researchers are attempting to search out out a lot of regarding however marijuana could profit health, further because the harm that it may cause.

Last year, let’s say, Medical News these days according on a study linking marijuana use to a larger risk of psychopathy in teenagers, whereas another study claimed that the drug is “worse than cigarettes” for vessel health.

On the opposite facet of the coin, researchers have found that cannabinoids — that square measure the active compounds in marijuana — may facilitate to stop sick headache, Associate in Nursingd a more moderen study coupled marijuana use to an inflated drive.

alcohol vs marijuana
For this latest study, Thayer and colleagues wanted to be told additional concerning however marijuana use affects the brain.
Study author Kent Hutchison, conjointly of the Department of scientific discipline and neurobiology, notes that so far, studies that have investigated this association have made mixed results.

“When you verify these studies going back years,” he explains, “you see that one study can report that marijuana use is said to a discount within the volume of the hippocampus. consequent study then comes around, and that they say that marijuana use is said to changes within the neural structure