best 3 way to get pink colour lips

best way to get pink colour lips 

to get beautiful lips you need to do the following process


1 milk powder and lemon juice 


mix half teaspoon milk powder  with one teaspoon lemon juice .

apply it on lip and wash it after 20 min .do this for 3 weeks 

2.beetroot juice and butter

mix one teaspoon of beetroot juice with half teaspoon of butter and apply it on your lips for 15 min after that wash with lukewarm it daily for getting beautiful lips
3 honey,lemonjuice,rosewater

mix half teaspoon honey with half teaspoon lemon juice and half teaspoon rosewater.Apply it on your lips before going to bed.Rinse in the morning with lukewarm water .Do this for 3 weeks to get lighten lips