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Health tips |best 5 tips for you

Health tip 1. Drink   water
Medical Sciences is taking a very keen interest in copper bacterial-destructive properties. There have been many experiments in the past few years and scientists have discovered that water has its own memory – it remembers everything that touches it. Due to having its memory of water, we pay attention to how to put it in a vessel.Put a habit of eating the right kind of food first, then think of fasting. If you try to stop your desire to eat, then it will harm your body. If you keep the water in the copper vessel for at least four hours or overnight, then it absorbs some of the properties of copper. Drink water from a copper vessel. This water is especially suitable for your liver and generally for your health and strength. If the water reaches your house with the help of an iron or plastic pipe by rotating with countless turns after pumping it with a high speed, then there is a lot of flaw in it due to the passing through all these ropes. But there is also the power to get back to the root in the water as well as the strength in the water. If you keep this tap of water uninterrupted for an hour, then the defect automatically gets over.Health tip 2. Do not sleep, relax
When you go to sleep, it depends on your life style, but the importance is that you need to know how many hours of sleep you need. It is often said that one should take eight hours of sleep in the day. Whatever your body needs is not sleeping, it is a relief. If you rest your body all day, if your work, your exercise is like a rest for you, then your sleeping hours will be reduced automatically. People want to do everything in stress. I have seen that people are also in stress while walking in the park. Now this kind of exercise will hurt you instead of benefits, because you are taking everything in a way that is like fighting a war. Why do not you stroll with ease? Whether it is a jogging or jogging, why can not it with complete fun and comfort?

So the question arises and how much sleep does my body need? It depends on what kind of physical work you do. You neither need to decide the quantity of food nor the hours of sleep I have to take so much calories, I have to take so long sleep, all these things are worthless to live life. The physical work you are doing today is low, then you eat less. Tomorrow if you have to work more then you eat more. Same is the same with sleeping. When your body gets complete comfort, it will rise whether it is at 3 in the morning or 8. Your body should not wake up on alarm bell. Once the body rests, it must wake itself up.Health tip 3. Fasting once in two weeks
There is one thing called ‘Mandal’ associated with the natural cycle of the body. Mandal means that every 40 to 48 days the body passes through a particular cycle.
There are three days in every cycle in which your body does not need food. If you become aware of your body then you yourself will realize that in these days the body does not need food. On any one of these days you can live without food.
It also happens in 11 to 14 days a day when you will not mind eating anything. You should not eat that day. You must be surprised to know that even dogs and cats have such awareness. Never mind, they do not eat anything on a particular day. Indeed, they are fully aware of their system. The day the system says that it does not want to be eaten today, that day becomes a day of cleaning for them and on that day they do not eat anything. Now there is not so much awareness in you that you can recognize those special days. Then what to do! To solve this problem, the day of Ekadashi was fixed on your own. According to Hindi months, Ekadashi comes once every 14 days. It means that every 14 days you can not eat without a day. If you can not eat without eating anything or your work is like this, due to which you do not have to be hungry and you do not even have the need of cultivation to be hungry, then you can take fruit. The overall thing is that just be aware of your system.
One more thing, if you are frequently used to drinking tea and coffee and try to keep fast, then you will have a lot of trouble. There is only one solution to this problem. If you want to keep fast, firstly, improve your eating habits. Put a habit of eating the right kind of food first, then think of fasting. If you try to stop your desire to eat, then it will harm your body. There is one thing very important that there should not be any force in any situation.

Health tip 4. Sit back and sit straight
Being in the comfort of the inner organs is of particular importance. There are many aspects of it. At the moment we are considering only one aspect of it. Most important internal organs in the body are in the chest and abdomen. These organs are neither hard or hard, nor have they been fixed at any one place with nuts or bolts. All these limbs are loosened and swinging inside a lattice. These organs can get the most comfort only when you put a habit of keeping your spine straight and sit. Keep the bench straight
According to modern-minded ideas, rest is meant to be backed up or bent down. But sitting in this way, body parts can never be comforted.I have to take so much calories, I have to take so long sleep, all these things are worthless to live life. The physical work you are doing today is low, then you eat less. Tomorrow if you have to work more then you eat moreIn this situation, the physical organ does not work as well as they should – especially when you sit on the restless chair after eating a full meal. Nowadays, many trips are in the armchair. If you sit on the comfortable seat of the car and travel for one thousand kilometers, then you lose at least three to five months of your life. This is because, because of continuous sitting in such a posture, there is such a bad effect on your organs that their ability to work decreases dramatically or they become very weak.
Keeping the body straight does not mean that we do not like comfort, but its direct reason is that we understand and realize comfort differently. You can put your muscles in the habit of staying in comfort while keeping your spine straight. But on the contrary, when your muscles are shaky, you can not keep your limbs in comfort. There is no other way to relax. Therefore, it is necessary that we prepare our body in such a way that keeping the spine straight, our body structure and muscles remain in rest position.Health tip 5. Live life by joining the five elements
We were telling some people that there is a yogic hospital in our yoga center, then some doctors from America wanted to see it and they came to us. He was here a week and after a week he was very angry with me. I said – “Why, what did I do? They were saying this all around – “It’s all nonsense! Sadguru said here is a yogic hospital! Where is the yogic hospital? We are not seeing any bed, we do not see anything “. Then I understood what their problem is, then I called them and I said – “What is the problem?” One of them, whose eyes were tears, said – I came here with so much faith and being cheating here, There is no hospital here, nothing at all here and you are saying that there is a hospital here. I said – “Sit down comfortably. There are thoughts about your hospital that – There are many beds where patients should sleep and give them medicines – this hospital is not like this. I’ll walk around you – all the patients are working in the garden here, and working in the kitchen. We make them work, and they get cured.

So, the most important thing is that if someone is sick, we get them working in the garden. They have to be at least half an hour to 45 minutes in contact with the earth empty-handed. By doing this, they become healthy. Because what you call the body is just a piece of this earth, is not it? Yes or No? All these innumerable people who went on this earth, where have they all gone? All are on the surface of the earth, is not it? This body will also go to the surface of the earth – as long as your friends – fear that you will not wake again – do not bury you too deep. So, this is just a piece of earth. So it will be in its best form, when you keep some contact with the earth. At the moment, you walk on the 50th floor every time you wear a suit and boot, and never get in contact with the earth. In such a situation, it is natural to be physically and mentally ill. Then I showed them – “Look this person has a heart disease, that person is sick. I introduced them to all the patients and then the patient began to tell us things – “We were like this three weeks ago, and now we feel very good, we have forgotten our illness.” And now all the medical criteria are also saying That they are fine To convince the American doctor that these people are really patients we had to work very hard. We are also putting them in good work.