Best summer cool drinks recipe

best summer cool drinks recipe


 It is the best juice for summer season.the heat was going stronger so your body needs to prevent hot .so you want to drink a water or juice . pear is the best fruit for summer season.People get cool by eating it.So i decided to make juice with it.It also includes ginger the best product for digestion and excess gas removing .So lets go and make the juice .enjoy the drink.


pear-4 medium size

ginger chopped-1 inch

lemon juice-2 teaspoon

chilled water-2 cups

sugar – 6 teaspoon  or as you need


Wash the pear and remove its cone.Then cut it into small piece and transfer them to a jar of mixy.

Then add ginger chopped,lemon juice,chilled water and sugar then grind it and serve it ……..



It is the next best juice for summer season .but there also some side effect so drink once in a week .


100 gram of ginger 

lemon juice -3 teaspoon

chilled water -2 cups

sugar and some salt as you need

lets prepare it……


wash Ginger and remove its skin and cut into small piece .Transfer it into jag of the of the mixy to grind it.

then add lemon juice to it,add sugar and salt for taste. Mix it well  .Add chilled water to it and mix.then remove the waste and drink