#####Chamomile Extracts That Normalize the (Over and Under Active) Function of Immune System

By Kyle J. Norton, Master of Nutrition

Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla), in recent study conducted by some renowned institutions, restored the resistance against lethal infection with the predominately granulocyte-dependant Candida albicans in immunosuppressed mice.

The immune system is the set of cells comprised of the body’s defense system against diseases.

In normal immunity, active immunity may also be artificially acquired active immunity caused by injection of vaccine, a substance that contains antigen and passive immunity is an auto response of immune system against infection through production of antigen.

Immunity can also be passive and active, Dr. David Baxter, in the article of “Active and passive immunity, vaccine types, excipients and licensing” wrote, “Active immunity refers to the process of exposing the body to an antigen to generate an adaptive immune response: the response takes days/weeks to develop but may be long lasting—even lifelong” and ” Passive immunity refers to the process of providing IgG antibodies to protect against infection; it gives immediate, but short-lived protection—several weeks to 3 or 4 months at most. Passive immunity is usually classified as natural or acquired”(3).
However, abnormal immune response such as over active and under active  may cause weakened immune system or auto immune diseases.
The common characteristic of over active immunity is the immune system that attacks healthy tissues, thus provoking inflammation, as well as tissue and organ damage. Truly, there are There are an estimated 80 auto immune diaereses, that affect 14–22 million Americans, or 5%–8% of the population, and their prevalence is on the rise, according to the US National Institutes of Health (NIH)(4).

Under active immunity can be primary immune deficiency.or acquired immune deficiency. People with weakened immunity, regardless to the cause are at constant danger of infections from bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Chamomile is also known as camomile, common name of many species daisy-like plants in the family Asteraceae,

The herb has been used in traditional medicine as antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory constituents and to treat menstrual cramps and sleep disorders, reduce cramping and spastic pain in the bowels, relieve excessive gas and bloating in the intestine, etc.

In the study to examine the immunomodulatory effect of a group of medicinal plant including Silene (Silene nocturna), Black seed (Nigella sativa) and Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) growing in Egypt in Balb/c mice, researchers found that intraperitoneal injection chamomile methanolic extract was found to enhance immunity through the increased total white blood cells count(1).

In compared to other plants extracts, chamomile extracts also increased bone marrow cellularity significantly(1).

Furthermore, spleen weight of chamomile treated groups was significantly increased. increased weight of spleen is an indication of improved immune activity as spleen plays an important role in the modulation of the immune system and in the maintenance of peripheral tolerance via the clearance of circulating apoptotic cells, the differentiation and activation of T and B cells and production of antibodies(5)

In groups induced immunosuppressed with cyclophosphamide, group pretreated with the chamomile extracts inhibit Candida significantly through restored their resistance against lethal infection with the predominately granulocyte-dependant Candida albicans(1).

Dr. Ghonime M, the lead author said, These results confirm the immunomodulatory activity of Silene, Black seed, and Chamomile extracts and may have therapeutical implications in prophylactic treatment of opportunistic infections and as supportive treatment in oncogenic cases”.

According to the Russian State Medical University, Moscow, heteropolysaccharides, a class of sugars, found in Matricaria chamomilla L. showed to normalize the developing of the immune response upon air cooling.
These results are attributed to chamomile heteropolysaccharides effects in initiated immunostimulating properties of heavy erythrocytes (macrocytes), the group of enlargement of red blood cells, activivated of immunoregulation of cells of peripheral blood, and increased sensitivity of effector cells to helper signals.

Dr. Ghonime M, the lead author, said, “immunomodulatory activity,…..Chamomile extracts may have therapeutical implications in prophylactic treatment of opportunistic infections and as supportive treatment in oncogenic cases”.

There is no doubt that chamomile and its chemical ingredients have expressed a strong immunomodulatory activity in protection of our body against various diseases, but intake of large quantity should be taken with care to avoid toxicity.

However, further data collection on large example size and multi centers studies performed with human consumption of the chamomile extracts during the course of the disease will be necessary to complete the picture of chamomile immunomodulatory possibilities.

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