##### Green Tea and Its Bioactive Theanine That Promote Tobacco Cessation Natually

Kyle J. Norton

Green tea mixed in tobacco can significant improve chronic cigarette smokers to quit smoke naturally, some scientists suggested.

Smoking have a history in many cultures dated back as early as 5000 BC. Europeans who arrived to America in the 16th century have quickly transformed the land to cultivated these plants for commercial profits and encourage consumption.

Our ancestors used tobacco smoke as healing practice and enhanced pleasure. However, according to the study of University of Manchester(4), our ancestor also use tobacco for healing purposes.
* Tobacco medical use that are administered externally includes bites of poisonous reptiles and insects; hysteria; pain, neuralgia; laryngeal spasm; gout; growth of hair; tetanus; ringworm ; rodent ulcer; ulcers; wounds; respiratory stimulant.

* Tobacco medical use that are administered by by rectum includes constipation; hemorrhoidal bleeding

* Tobacco medical use that are administered internally, includes strangulated hernia (smoke by mouth); malaria or intermittent fever; dislodging obstructive material from esophagus by inducing vomiting. And
Tobacco medical use that are administered by inhalation, includes, nasal polyps.
Sadly, the medical use of tobacco now is considered non existence. At of today statistic, tobacco smoking including cigarettes is causing over 3 million deaths a year worldwide, and if current smoking trends continue the annual mortality will exceed 10 million by around 2030, Dr. Anne Charlton, the author of the study suggested(4).
Continuously, the doctor said, ” Tobacco leaves and the smoke generated when they are burned contain over 4 thousand chemicals, the best known of which is nicotine, first isolated from tobacco leaves in 1828 by Posselt and Reimann. It is the nicotine that causes smokers to become addicted to tobacco, and the chemical itself is lethal in small doses”.
According to statistic from CDC, more than 4 out of 10 (45.5%) of all high school students who smoke tried to stop smoking in the past 12 months. Since 2002, the number of former smokers has been greater than the number of current smokers in US(5).
Truly, high percentage of smokers try to quit, however, smokers who successfully quit smoke are quite low, because nicotine are highly addictive.

Green tea contains more amount of antioxidants than any drinks or foods with the same volume, and is the leaves of Camellia sinensis, undergone minimal oxidation during processing, originated from China. 
In the study to test the effects of tea filter in promoted tobacco cessation in volunteers smokers, researchers found that smoking tobacco with tea filter successfully decreased cigarette consumption of participants by 56.5%, and 31.7% of  them stopped smoking(1).

Further analysis of tea filter effects suggested, the results may be attributed to tea filter’s bioactive chemical theanine in exerting anti tobacco and nicotine addiction activities.

Dr. Yan J, the lead author said, “This work identified a new method and material, tea filter and theanine, which inhibit tobacco and nicotine addiction and provide an effective strategy for treating tobacco addiction”(1).

Additionally, in the review of clinical studies evaluating herbals use for smoking cessation from databases from its inception to October 2012. Studies are restricted to only English or Thai, researchers indicated that out a total of 7 studies met inclusion criteria; 6 studies were randomized trial (RCT) evaluating variety of herbals.

According to the smoking cessation measured with various methods including the number of cigarettes per day, abstinence rate, expired CO level, and urine cotinine level at the 3 and 6 months follow up, application of mix herbal tea showed a statistically significant effectiveness in reduced numbers of cigarettes smoke per day, nicotine craving, and total withdrawal scale but not urinary cotinine excretion(2).
However, Dr. Kitikannakorn N, the lead scientists, after taking into account of other co and con founders said, “Evidence supporting the role of complementary medicines as an anti-smoking is limited. Further research in this field would benefit from the standardization of herbals products to implement on standard interventions and outcome measurement for smoking cessation”.
Interestingly, according to the study by the Science China Life Sciences to test the effect of green tea lace in cigarette in increased smoke cessation probability, researchers found that custom-designed cigarettes laced with green tea components exerted a significant effect in reduced smoking cravings. 

After 2 months of smoking this unique cigarette, researchers found that smoker reduced their smoking intake by 52% in  compared to control.

These results be of successful may be attributed to green tea bioactive amino acid L-Theanine, uniquely found in green tea that process a clinical proven anti-stress effects and acts as a relaxing agent(3). 

Phinse Philip, a lecturer in the Community Oncology Division of the Malabar Cancer Centre, said, “The study conducted in China shows that green tea may be an alternative to quit this addictive habit”.
Taking altogether, green tea used cigarette lace may be considered as a secondary and therapeutic treatment in increased the change of quit smoking. However, how many people have the money to order these types of customer designed cigarette?. Probably, we may stick to cold turkey quitting?, nicotine patch?

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