xiaomi phones information leaked

Xiaomi phones information leaked 
 xiaomi phones information has been leaked .The user complete says that information leaking is true .It is been leaked to their authorities.So you must be careful .if you use credit/debit card to purchase items from online your information will be leaked.If your information is leaked you cannot spare any one for that you you must be careful .

The company says that  they are collecting information for getting user feedback but the information is been leaking to other people .some days before they had lowered the rate in mi store this trick is used to  get information of your bank details
buy purchasing  any item from mi store.if you don’t want to buy anything from online then  you can use the xiaomi phones .
if you want to buy anything from online then  you want to use other phones.
This is very important subject  because  nobody  did not get this news so you must share the news to everyone